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Qualities of a good website

Building a website for your company or institution is a brilliant idea and an essential step towards moving to greater heights. Generally people tend to regard institutions with websites as more reliable since you can access their information and services at any time. Building a website for your institution is one thing and getting a good website is another. In building a website, it is important to build one which is likable and usable. In this article, we will be looking at the qualities of a good site.

Easy navigation: A good website should be easy to navigate such that users can easily access information they are looking for.

Contain well-formatted content: People visit your site to get information they need. It is essential for your site to be organized such that important content can be accessed easily. Your site should contain only relevant information that is related to it.

Modern: It is important to make sure your site is using current trends and technologies. Your website should be up to date and able to support today’s needs.  Modern websites require responsiveness and fluid web designs that support mobile readability and can change its layout and options to fit the device and browser size.

Performance and speed: A good website should take a maximum of 2 seconds to display its content to its user. It has been observed that users tend to leave a side which takes long to load before it completes. Equally, the time taken by your website to load affects the bounce rate of the site which is how fast visitors leave your site after visiting.

Design: The appearance and beauty of your site is one very important factor that should be considered when building a site. Consistency is the key. It is essential for your website to maintain the same consistency as you move from one webpage to the next. This makes the user to feel they are in a peculiar environment with a single identity.

Security: The security level of your site is of utmost importance to your users. No one will trust you with their information after noticing your site has not been secured and can be hacked at any moment. It is advisable to host your website on web hosting providers that offer strong security.

Reliable:  A good site is one which   can be accessed anywhere at any point in time. It should be able to send on-time notifications and messages to users to keep them informed and updated round the clock.

SEO: It is useful to ensure your site follows SEO rules and guidelines. A site which is poor in SEO will not be able to attract traffic from external sources and search engines correctly. Some SEO practices such as good use of keywords, internal and external link building, optimizing your title tags, optimizing your images, etc. can be used to cause your site to rank well on search engines.

Uptime: The uptime rate of your website is another quality to take into consideration. Users will prefer a site they can rely on at any time without any disappointments. To ensure your site is always online, it is preferable to use a good web hosting provider who provides 99% uptime rate.

Applying all these rules in building your website will permit you to get one which is good, reliable, and trustworthy. Implementing all these rules properly to obtain a good site will require some technical expertise. Vagaly.com is here to remedy the situation.  Our work can speak for us. Contact us if you need the best.

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