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Characteristics of a good logo

When we see the results of designer’s efforts, creating a logo might seem like a very easy task. That isn’t the case. Creating a logo requires creativity, thoughts and many other aspects put together. When creating a logo, it is essential to come out with a design that meets the needs of the client. Below, we have listed some of the qualities of a good logo. With all of these taken into consideration while creating a logo, you will with no doubt create a good one

Simple: A good logo should be one which people can easily recognize wherever and whenever they see it.  If an individual can notice, remember and replicate a logo with relative ease, then it is a good one.

Scalable: Your logo should be one which when scaled up or down still remains the same and looks good.

Memorable and impactful: A good logo should be able to capture its viewer’s attention and leave a positive impression. When people see your logo they should smile or feel good.

  • Versatile: A good logo should look good and appear the same on any web device and on any printable material.
  • Relevant: A logo which ties with the mission and vision of the company is a good one. It should have a meaning which is in relation to what the company is doing.
  • Distinct: A good logo should be unique and distinct. It shouldn’t look like those of your competitors.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Your logo should be pleasing to the eye and staring at the logo should give your clients a positive feeling.
  • Strong: A good logo shouldn’t need color to stand out. It should be able to be reduced to only one color and still maintain a great presence.
  • Readable: A good logo should be readable both closed up and far away.
  • Timeless:  Your logo should not follow trends. It should be timeless and still effective in several years to come.
  • Reflective: A good logo should be able to reflect an organization’s brand. It should be able to reflect who you are as an organization.
  • Iconic: Your logo should be your passion. It should be a great icon for your organization capable of evoking emotions from those close to the brand as customers, brand owners and employees.

With all these aspects put into consideration you can be rest assured you will get a good logo which will boost your brand. For professional basis it is advisable to get a professional to design your organizations logo. A professional will implement his expertise and experience to give you the best. Looking for a company to create a logo for your organization, contact Vagaly for the best logo design.


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