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Branding Identity
June 3, 2019


Client overview

ASES is a solar energy company which aims at accelerating the electrification of  the African continent.

  • Strategy

    Brand strategy, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design

  • Client


Open Project


Ases needed a new logo that will communicate their brand purpose and promise effectively. They wanted something more unique that practically fell in line with their brand identity.

OUR SOLUTION (what we did for them)

Our approach to designing a new logo for ases was quite agile, making it simple, memorable and appropriate to suite the context and the brand. We wanted to create a visual identity that was a genuine reflection of what ASES represented.

The Results

We came up with a logo design that was modern and up to date with all the qualities of a good design. We took what was working well with the previous logo and refined its form to work on a broader scale of applications and sizes.

Clients feedback

``An awesome experience working with valgaly to design just the perfect solution for our business. Their brand session was quite interesting and educative. It opened us to a lot of things we never knew, as such keeping a promise and holding value in high esteem by creating differentiation strategy.
The logo design we had from them was quite professional and purpose-driven. Having a sense of direction, we are able to convert quite a number of visitors to our clients``.

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